Women: Feminize Your Biker Apparel!

There are plenty of female bikers out there, myself included, and I’m sure we’re all wondering the same thing; how can we make our biker apparel more feminine? There’s plenty of biker clothing and accessories that can make our outfits stylish and sexy, so let’s start accessorizing!

First off, a handbag is pretty much a necessity for any outfit, regardless if you’re on your bike or not. Floral or animal print handbags will add the perfect touch to any biker apparel you may be wearing. The best thing to do is go for brighter colors that stand out. It really offsets the typical black that most leather clothing is. Belts and other accessories work the same way.

Instead of choosing a typical black leather jacket, find one that’s pink or another girly color. Emily Victoria suggests pairing your outfits with different lengths of boots, depending on if you’re wearing leather shorts or pants. Those come in various colors as well.

Choosing different colors and unique accessories can make your look that much more feminine. It’s especially a good idea if you’re typically considered one of the guys and want to stand out to a certain someone. I’m sure most of us have been there!