The Purpose of Biker Apparel

Many people believe that bikers simply wear all their leather, chains,  and other biker apparel to try and look intimidating to others. This, however, is not the true purpose behind them wearing these things. The sole reason for bikers to wear this type of gear is the fact that it is durable, tough, and will protect them incase of an accident. You would be much better off wearing a thick leather jacket than you would wearing some regular coat. Everything a biker puts on has a special purpose.

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a biker’s  best bet at keeping their upper body safe during a crash. If you were simply wearing a t-shirt when you fell off your bike, your arms would easily be scraped up once you hit the pavement. With a leather jacket on, you have a higher chance of keeping your arms scrape-free.

Besides the safety concerns, a jacket made of leather can also help provide protection from the elements. When you are riding your bike, the wind is often blowing hard, making you cold. It also sometimes starts to rain while you’re out for a ride. With a jacket on, you will be kept warm and unaffected by the wind or rain.

Steel-Toed Boots

Many bikers will have on big, thick boots. They wear these steel-toes because they help protect their feet. When you come to a stop sign or a traffic light while you are riding, you must touch your feet down to the ground while you’re waiting to go again. The tougher your boots are, the less hurt your feet will be the more you do this.

Also, when a bike crashes, one of the most common places it lands is on top of the biker’s legs and feet. With regular shoes on, your feet will easily be crushed beneath the weight of the bike. If you have steel-toed boots on though, there is a better chance that your feet will not be crushed. They provide much more protection than any other type of shoe ever could.


A lot of bikers can be seen with a chain hooked from their pants to their wallet. They’re not just wearing some chain to look intimidating. The chain is there to hold their wallet so that they don’t lose it while riding. If you’re sitting down, it’s easier for your wallet to come up out of your pocket. If you happen to fall, there is an even higher chance that this could happen. The chain will hold the wallet there so that it does not get lost.


Some people think a skull-cap looks intimidating when a biker wears it, but it is not meant for that purpose. The reason why bikers wear skull-caps is to keep their hair tucked down. You don’t want to be riding your motorcycle and have your hair whip around in your face. It will get in your way and block your view, which is completely unsafe. By wearing a skull-cap, your hair will be kept out of the way so it does not cause an issue.

One of these caps can also be used when it is colder out to keep your head warm. Heat is said to escape from the head and the feet. By wearing a cap, you have a higher chance of keeping warm. That is why many bikers not only wear them under their helmets while riding, but inside as well.

Next time you see a biker and think they look scary in all their biker apparel, just remember, they’re not trying to be. Bikers are often some of the most kind people you will ever meet. They take care of one another as a family. They frequently participate in charity toy runs for children. Appearances can be deceiving. What a biker wears is not meant to be scary, but simply to protect them while they do the thing they love, and that is ride.