The Biker Look, Biker Clothes and All

Just because someone wears all the right biker clothes doesn’t make them a true biker at heart, but it does give them the typical biker look. When most people think of a biker, they get a stereotypical idea in their head. It may be a stereotype, but oftentimes the look is pretty much the same for all. There’s the biker chick look and the biker dude look. Here we discuss them both.

Making yourself look like a biker dude might take a little longer than you’d think. Most men who ride often have facial hair, particularly longer beards. On top of that, they often are either completely bald or have longer hair. You can either grow your hair out or shave it all off if you really want to have the biker look. Most guys will also have a tattoo, if not more than one. Typical tattoos for bikers include things like motorcycles, girls, and skulls. Then there’s the clothes. You’ll most often see a biker dude in a leather jacket and jeans, wearing some boots. Combine all these things and you guys will have yourself the biker look.

For women, there are a lot of similarities, but also quite a few differences. They will also be wearing typical biker clothes, like a leather jacket and boots. They could have on jeans, or they might choose some black leather pants instead. Biker chicks will typically spice up their looks with some fringe on their jackets, lace on their boots, or a pop of color, such as pink pants or a pink jacket instead of the traditional black. A lot of women will have tattoos as well.

Whether you’re male or female, the biker look is achievable with not only the right biker clothes, but the accessories and other gear as well. Just remember though, just because you know how to look like a biker, doesn’t mean you are one. Bikers can easily spot other bikers, and tell who’s just trying out the biker look. If that’s the case, you better make sure you at least know how to ride!