Summary of Posts: May 5th 2013

There are many motorcycle accessories that every rider needs to be sure to have. These include everything from a good helmet, to the grips on your bike, and saddlebags for extra storage:

  • The new PocketBand can be used to store your small items while on a motorcycle ride. This band, which is worn around the wrist, conceals the items placed inside and keeps them safe from falling or from thieves.
  • Beginner riders should be aware of some important riding tips before they take their bike out for the first time. For example, they need to know that a full face helmet is much better than a standard helmet that only covers the top of the head.
  • Saddlebags were once used on horses to help their owners carry items. The same idea is used by motorcycle riders today. Storage is an important factor for these bikers who frequently take long rides.
  • Installing your saddlebags is a somewhat tricky matter, so to learn how, watch an instructional video on Youtube. The video discusses a couple of different ways in which they can be installed.
  • The hand grips on your bike are just as important as any other motorcycle accessory, for they help you to maintain control while riding. Be sure to check and replace them when they start showing signs of wear and tear.
  • If you are wondering why you should use saddlebag motorcycle accessories, the answer is simple. They provide extra storage space for the things you may need to carry. Just make sure they are installed correctly.