Summary of Posts: May 12th 2013

This cycle of LegendaryUSA had us talking about how to choose the best leather jacket for both men and women. We also talked about buying gear on a budget and the importance of following safety tips, especially for new riders.

  • First, we discussed the best way to choose a men’s leather jacket. This is one of the more important pieces of your motorcycle apparel, as it not only makes you look good, it will protect you from the elements.
  • Next, we talked about how to choose a lady’s leather jacket. This can be one of the most important fashion statements a woman can have, and choosing the right motorcycle apparel is paramount.
  • Getting a motorcycle is only the first phase of a great ride; you also need a selection of motorcycle accessories that will make your ride even better. The Yahoo Voices article offered some great tips on which ones to start with.
  • Then we went on to discuss how to buy quality motorcycle apparel when you’re on a budget. You don’t have to spend top dollar for everything, but knowing what not to skimp on will go a long way towards saving money in the long run.
  • Next we talked about how important it is for new riders to review safety guidelines and follow safety rules, such as buying motorcycle accessories including a helmet.
  • We gave kudos to for publishing safety tips and guidelines for both new and experienced riders.