Summary of Posts: May 12th 2013

During this cycle of Legendary USA, we talked about Mother’s Day and motorcycles, including what to get your motorcycle mom as a gift, and why being a mom doesn’t mean you have to give up your ride.

  • We talked about an article in the Herald Review, which discussed the fact that motorcycle riders are everyday people from all walks of life. We highlighted one such person, a mom and a nurse who loves to ride with her husband now that she’s an empty nester.
  • Next we talked about some unique gifts for mom on Mother’s Day, like a new motorcycle. Flowers and chocolate are great, but for motorcycle moms, they may appreciate a bike that is specifically geared to women.
  • We went on to highlight one mom’s plight of explaining to others why she loves to ride. It took some convincing for others to understand her love of the open road.
  • Then we discussed some other great gifts for your motorcycle mom, particularly if you’re on a budget. There were some great suggestions for gifts under $50 from Bella Online.
  • There has been a definite increase in the number of female motorcyclists, as May 3rd saw the first International women’s only bike ride, as part of the She Shore Riders.
  • Then we discussed the fact that becoming a mom doesn’t mean giving up your bike for good. We talked about women who become moms and enjoy both their kids and their bikes.