Summary of Posts: March 3rd 2013

Patches, accessories, and apparel are not only necessary for safety on the road and being part of the biker crowd, but for adding personalization to your gear. You can spice yourself up with any of these items:

  • Biker lifestyle patches can easily be attached yourself in two different ways, according to Brenda Priddy. Use either the sewing method or the gluing method to get your patches added.
  • Sons of Anarchy biker lifestyle patches are explained at the Sons of Anarchy Wikia website. Here you can find out just where each patch goes and what they all mean.
  • Motorcycle accessories most commonly include helmets, leather jackets, saddle bags, and boots, according to the Motorcycle Lifetips website. All of these things are important on a ride.
  • Learning how to be seen on your motorcycle might seem tricky at first, but if you follow Basem Wasef’s tips, you’ll be highly visible to all drivers in no time.
  • Garth Sundem describes the 10 critical pieces of body armor that one should be using when riding a motorcycle. Things like elbow and knee pads could greatly increase your safety while on the road.
  • If you are wondering how to attach your Sons of Anarchy biker lifestyle patches, you will be pleased to know exactly how to go about it. It’s simpler than you’d think.