Summary of Posts: March 31st 2013

Motorcyclists need their gear to keep them safe while riding. They also need to take proper care of that gear so that it works as well as it should. We have discussed valuable information regarding jackets, helmets, and other motorcycle accessories that is good for all bikers to know in this cycle:

  • There are many types of biker jackets, all for various purposes. You wouldn’t wear the same jacket in the rain as you would in everyday weather.
  • A full set of motorcycle gear is already expensive, so why not purchase something unique and turn your apparel into a full-on Batman-like motorcycle suit? You can find out what to get from The Sunday Best blog.
  • Cleaning your helmet is a necessary part of being a rider. After a short while of riding, your helmet will get extremely dirty. Follow Rick Young’s tips on how to clean it.
  • Leather jackets used to be made out of horsehide, which some people say is more durable. Anne Gill of eHow explains all about horsehide and why it is no longer used much today.
  • You will now be able to easily locate all of your motorcycle accessories, and anything else you wish, with the help of StickNFind. This small gadget can be placed on your gear and be tracked using your smartphone.
  • There has been little discussion regarding horsehide vs. cowhide motorcycle jackets, since many people don’t pay much attention to the type of hide used to make the leather for their jacket. Horsehide was once popular, but cowhide is what’s traditional now.