Summary of Posts: March 24th 2013

With so many different types of biker clothing and accessories out there, it is important to know how each piece works, how they should fit, and how they should all be cleaned and maintained. Some of these things have been discussed:

  • Knowing how to measure your hand comes in handy when it comes to finding the right size for your motorcycle gloves. It is important to get the right fit so that your gloves feel comfortable when you are wearing them for long periods of time.
  • If you’ve ever wondered if all motorcycle apparel is made of leather, the answer is no. Not all of it is leather, but leather does seem to be the best type of material to use.
  • Finding the right fit for your helmet is important if you want to be correctly protected while you ride. That is why Basem Wasef brings us a video detailing how to properly fit a motorcycle helmet.
  • Ear plugs are an important biker accessory that most riders often forget. They are the best cheap bike mod you can get.
  • Motorcycle pants should be able to easily be cleaned, as long as the care instructions listed on the tag are followed. Most can be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • Finding the right fit in your biker accessories is important when it comes to riding. The best fit will ensure that you are as safe as you possibly can be.