Summary of Posts: March 10th 2013

Soften up your leather jacket, put on your harness boots, and pack your gear for a road trip. We’ll tell you just how to do that this time around:

  • Making motorcycle jackets softer isn’t actually that tough to do. Suzanne Alicie explains what three item you can use that will make your leather soft in no time
  • There are 5 ways to stay cool and beat the heat on a motorcycle, according to Basem Wasef. Some of which include wearing breathable gear and helmets with vents.
  • Itchymoche, a user on Youtube, describes in less than 10 minutes just which items he brings along on a trip when riding his motorcycle. There are many things you need to remember to pack up on your bike.
  • A packing list is important when you’re going on a road trip. Justin Schamotta suggests taking clothes, food, tools, and a map.
  • Harness boots are a special type of motorcycle boot used for riding. They protect from accidents, elements, and the heat from your exhaust. If you want your feet protected, these boots are the way to go.
  • The question of what motorcycle apparel to pack for a road trip is one that you may find yourself asking one day. A nice trip on your motorcycle could be a great way to get away from everything, but you need to be prepared for everything and make sure you’re packing the right gear.