Summary of Posts: January 27th 2013

For this cycle of LegendaryUSA we discussed everything from helmets to the biker lifestyle. Pull up your bike and join us.

  • Do helmets save lives? That is the question up for debate. Should motorcycle helmets be mandatory? Tell us what you think.
  • Playing it safe on a motorcycle and wearing the right biker apparel is the only way to truly have fun with your new bike. Don’t you agree?
  • The River Falls public library has some new editions and you don’t even have to have a library card to see them. Throw on your biker clothes and head out to see the motorcycles there.
  • A recent law in Paris was to be passed for January 2013 that would require all motorcycle riders to wear a fluorescent armband on their biker jacket at all times. See what happened to this law here.
  • Although most of us would love to hit the open road it’s just not possible to live that type of biker lifestyle for the majority of Americans. Steve Johnson gives us his opinion here.
  • Finally, we discussed the fact that living the biker lifestyle may not be for all of us. Wearing biker lifestyle patches just isn’t for everyone. Although it doesn’t make us love riding any less at all! What do you think?