Summary of Posts: January 20th 2013

Cruise on through this set of articles as we take you on a ride from the U.S., to Africa, and to Germany with these motorcycle-inspired stories:

  • Daytona International Speedway held an electric motorcycle race, their first ever! Find out how it went and what the riders thought about it.
  • Jonathan Welsh feels that men and their love for motorcycles have something in common with women and their love for horses. Both love to ride with the open air around them!
  • The 2012 Progressive International Motorcycle Shows are being held this weekend in Atlanta. Find out which celebrities will be making appearances!
  • “Riders for Health” in Africa uses motorcycles and other vehicles to save lives, having workers drive to those who are sick to provide medicine. Details on how to help the cause are here.
  • A 10-seat motorcycle will be featured in a motorcycle show in Germany; the bike has 7 engines!
  • An organization is saving lives, one motorcycle at a time; transporting medical supplies is a breeze with the Yamaha AG200.