Summary of Posts: February 3rd 2013

Motorcycle riders need to be sure they’re wearing all the right biker gear when they’re on the road. One, it’s a way to unite bikers, wearing similar jackets, patches, and the like.  Two, the right gear is necessary for safety precautions as well.

  • Motorcycle jackets and weatherproof clothing are at the top of the fashion list this winter. Suzy Menkes shares the details of all the new looks that were shown in Paris.
  • The Easyriders Bike Show had plenty of vendors come out to sell their stuff. Biker clothing and accessories are sold to thousands at bike shows. Richard Chang tells all about it at The Sacramento Bee.
  • Family and friends of two fallen motorcyclists showed their support by wearing the motorcycle jackets of the club they belonged to. Tom Shortell describes the court hearing of the man who killed them.
  • Safety is key for bikers, and Safer Roads Humber knows all about that. Their two separate campaigns both earned awards.
  • The Freedom Jacket from Harley has been traveling around the world since August, and will continue to do so until this summer. This is in celebration of Harley’s 110th year. Motorcycle USA has the full story.
  • Biker apparel is an easy sell at bike shows. There are thousands of people for vendors to sell their merchandise to, and people love seeing all the newest styles for sale.