Summary of Posts: February 10th 2013

There are all kinds of different motorcycle accessories, gear, biker apparel, and much more. All of it is equally important when out on the road. Here are some of the things we learned about motorcycle apparel this cycle:

  • There are plenty of motorcycle accessories and gear perfect for those cold winter months. Things like thermal suits and waterproof layers will keep you warm while riding. Basem Wasef has the rest of the list.
  • A company called uClear has made a system for motorcycle helmets that will allow you to answer calls, listen to music, and even get GPS directions. The New York Times brings us the full report from Roy Furchgott.
  • Robin Goodwin tells us there are plenty of motorcycle fashion crimes being made. A lot of people wear the right kind of biker clothes with the wrong kind of accessories.
  • So many different types of motorcycle jackets exist for various occasions. Whether you want one for the summer, winter, or for a special event, there’s a jacket that will meet your needs.
  • To look the part, you need to choose the right biker clothes. The eHow website tells you how.
  • Those who want the biker look, biker clothes and all, need to make sure they’re following the right tips to pull it off. There’s more to it than just clothes.