Summary of Posts: December 23rd 2012

Whether you’re looking for some new gear or different motorcycle clothing, there are plenty of different options out there nowadays. Check out this list all about motorcycle gear:

  • Biker apparel will be featured at the EMP Museum, with more than 60 leather jackets being exhibited in what is known as “Worn to be Wild.” Moira Macdonald has the details in The Seattle Times.
  • Would you wear motorcycle gloves that have bluetooth technology? BearTek has created a new design that will allow riders to answer phone calls or change their music all by touching their gloved fingers together.
  • There are plenty of ways to add some style to your outfit, and Emily Victoria has them all. Check out her style guide for some great tips.
  • There are many benefits to wearing motorcycle apparel, the main one being having extra protection when it comes to fall. You want to make sure that all skin is covered so there’s less chance for scrapes and bruises.
  • Motorcycle apparel is important in bad weather. Always be sure to keep some warm items, such as gloves, on hand in case of an emergency.

Women: feminize your biker apparel! Choosing the right accessorize or brighter colors can really make an outfit pop.