Summary of Posts: December 16th 2012

There’s plenty of news to go around in the motorcycle world this week. Everything from trips to shows to motorcycle clubs were talked about:

  • The grandson of a man in a photo is inspired by what he sees, his grandfather and a few others after having ridden their motorcycles on a long journey. He will be embarking on the same 1, 140 mile trip.
  • The Hells Angels are finally getting all of their club paraphernalia back after their club was raided in 2007 and the police confiscated items with their logo on it.
  • The LifeLiners motorcycle group of soldiers held a safety event recently that brought in an expert to show them the ropes of how to fix and maintain their motorcycle. Keeping safe on the road is always a necessity.
  • Another International Motorcycle Show will be held soon, this time by Indian Motorcycles. They have some new announcements and new motorcycles to show, as well as motorcycle gear to sell.
  • A man from the UK is taking a ride for charity. The 18 year old will be taking a long journey, stopping along the way to volunteer at Fisher House organizations.
  • One man is set to take a motorcycle ride across the Americas. Starting in Argentina, he will ride 24,000 miles up to Alaska over the course of seven months.