Summary of Posts: April 7th 2013

There are many accessories and gear that one needs for different occasions. There are also some that one may just want because it would be nice to have. Knowing which things are useful to have in your travels, and for which occasions, is important for any biker:

  • You can easily repair your leather motorcycle jacket with the help of a leather repair kit. They come in multiple colors so that you can find the right one to match your jacket.
  • Purchasing a leather jacket requires more thought than you may have considered. You can dress your look up, or dress it down, depending on the event you want it for. GQ gives many looks and the details on why you would purchase each.
  • A guardian bell is one motorcycle accessory that makes a great gift to give a biker that you love. It is said to keep away evil spirits while you ride. Darla explains the legend of the bell in her video.
  • Attaching a guardian bell is quite easy to do. Simply thread a strap through the bell’s loop and tie it around your peg.
  • Packing for a motorcycle camping trip requires a lot of small things that can be easily carried. You need to pack the essentials, and make sure you aren’t bringing too many things.
  • Guardian bell biker accessories have a unique legend behind them. Evil road spirits attach themselves to motorcycles, and the bell is said to keep them away. If presented as a gift by a loved one, it makes the bell even more powerful to ward off these evil spirits.