Summary of Posts: April 28th 2013

Motorcycle accessories and gear are quite necessary for a biker. Everything from jackets, to tires, to bright clothing at night are important for every biker to have and understand their qualities. Here we have discussed each:

  • Ryan Gosling was seen wearing a red leather jacket in one of his latest films, “The Place Beyond the Pines.” The jacket was auctioned off at over $4,000 to go to charity.
  • Tire accessories come in handy if you want your tires to be not only the best in performance, but looking cool as well. You can switch up your wheels to give your bike a customized look.
  • Motorcycle accessories can greatly increase the look and performance of your motorcycle and some of them are must-haves that every biker should own, like suspension and tires.
  • Night time riding can be made safer with the use of certain biker accessories. Things like bright clothing and reflective tape are good things to use while riding your motorcycle in the dark.
  • If you are wearing regular glasses, motorcycle sunglasses, or have a piercing, you need to be careful when putting on your helmet. You don’t want it to catch on anything which could cause something to break or you to get hurt. See a video tutorial for how to put your helmet on correctly if you wear any of these items.
  • The best biker accessories are those that increase not only the look of your motorcycle, but the way it rides as well. Choose accessories that improve both aspects to make for a better riding experience.