Summary of Posts: April 21st 2013

Whether you are looking for ways to shrink your leather jacket, clean your motorcycle pants, or just find the right things to wear on your ride, we have tips for it all:

  • Anyone can easily shrink their leather apparel using water and a hair dryer. For tips on how, see the Thrifty Fun website for instructions from other users.
  • The passenger on a bike should still wear the same gear as the driver does, but they don’t need to worry as much about things flying in their face, since they have someone in front of them. Chuck Hawks has some tips for motorcycle passengers.
  • Your motorcycle has leather accessories that need to be properly maintained. wikiHow explains how to clean your bike seat and other leather on your bike.
  • Before you wash your motorcycle pants, be sure the protective pads are removed. You need to clean your pants carefully to make sure they retain their look and usefulness.
  • Women typically find boots that are not only safe, but stylish as well. There are many styles and types of boots for women to choose from.
  • Have you ever wondered what motorcycle apparel the passenger should wear? Really, they should be wearing all the same things the driver does, but they can make a few exceptions.