Saving Lives, One Motorcycle At a Time

Living in Africa (or even in other rural areas that do not have paved roads) can often leave you with the nearest hospital being more than 5 miles away, with no way to get there but to walk; because of this, Barry and Andrea Coleman decided to create Riders for Health, an organization devoted to helping health workers get to sick people that need help as well as providing a faster way to transport medical supplies.

Riders for Health runs in 8 African countries; 300 people are now employees helping the organization (whether it be through managing things, repairing the motorcycles used, or providing the actual health care). There are over 1,000 vehicles used, and the majority of those vehicles are Yamaha AG200s; this is one of the cheapest and easiest motorcycles to maintain and fix if anything should go wrong with it. Different vehicles include other brands of bikes as well as four-wheeled ambulances or SUVs.

This wonderful organization allows people who normally would be left untreated to get the care that they need. 1.5 million more people per year are getting health care thanks to Riders for Health (and the Yamaha motorcycles that allow for the fast transportation to them). There is also a fundraising trip that anyone can participate in to help obtain more donations for the organization, so that they can provide health to even more people. For details on this trip, click here.