Rain Wear Biker Apparel

Riding your motorcycle is not only meant for the summertime when the sun is shining. Real bikers will ride no matter what the weather conditions outside may be. Come rain or shine, a true biker will be out on the road on their hog. As long as they are wearing their rain wear biker apparel, they have no worries.

What is Rain Wear?

Rain wear is exactly as the name suggests. It provides protection while riding in the rainy weather. It is made with reflective technology that allows you to be seen when it is dark out, which it most always is if it is raining. Rain wear does not allow for the rain to get soaked into the clothing, since it is 100% waterproof. This is good because it is already pretty chilly when riding with the wind blowing on you. You do not need it made worse with rain soaking your clothes too.

What Type of Clothing Does Rain Wear Include?

Rain wear includes two types of clothing. Both a jacket and pants have been made as rain wear. Both are great at protecting you from the rain when you are out riding. Even wearing only one of these items will help tremendously when you are in the rain, but both items would be even better, providing double the protection.

Rain Wear Jackets

The main type of rain wear biker apparel is a jacket. The jacket is made big so that it can easily fit over your other clothing that you have on. It also comes with an attached hood that easily fits under your helmet. It will make sure that your head stays dry, as well as warm. Not only is this jacket waterproof, it is windproof as well. It is made with three separate layers that no wind or rain can get through. The seam technology and waterproof taping does not allow for any water to get through the seams. This jacket will keep you completely dry, no matter how wet it is outside.

Rain Wear Pants

There are also rain wear pants that you can purchase. They have all of the same qualities as the jackets do. They are 100% waterproof and 100% windproof as well, with no water having any chance of getting through the seams. These specially made pants have an adjustable cord for the waist so they can easily be adjusted to fit you correctly and comfortably. They are also made roomy so they may fit over your clothes that you already have on. Plus, they have elastic cuffs and leg zippers which allow you to step into them even with your boots already on your feet.

Rain Suit

Instead of purchasing a separate pair of rain wear pants and jacket, you can just get a rain suit instead. It is a lighter option if it is only sprinkling outside and not too bad of conditions to ride in. It provides all of the same features of the jacket and pants. The suit can easily be packed down into a bag if you wish to carry it with you at all times, just in case it ever starts raining while you are out and about. You can also always wear the suit underneath an additional pair of rain wear pants and jacket if it is raining rather heavily outside, for extra protection.

Rain wear is great for providing protection from both the wind and the rain when it is storming outside. Sometimes you are already out, and then it starts to rain. You have no choice to but ride home in the poor weather. If you have a rain suit packed in your saddlebags ready to use, then you can easily slip it on over your clothes and ride home much more safely. Rain wear is one kind of biker apparel that all bikers should own.