Summary of Posts: May 19th 2013

In this cycle of Legendary USA we talked a lot about motorcycle stunts in movies and what makes them so appealing to viewers. We also talked about an upcoming and popular bike rally in Ruidoso, NM.

  •  First, there was a montage of movies that all involved motorcycle stunts that would make even the greatest thrill-seekers turn their heads. You can watch the video here.
  • Then we discussed the motorcycle stunts from the movie The Matrix Reloaded. These scenes alone could be the reason the movie is so popular.
  • Next, we talked about the upcoming motorcycle rally in Ruidoso,NM. The rally draws huge crowds from enthusiasts across the country and this year it’s taking place from May 16-19.
  •  Angelina Jolie is a well-known actress, largely because she’s not afraid to take risks in her movie roles. She proved she can jump a bridge on a motorcycle just as well as any man.
  • Then of course, there’s the Terminator. It wouldn’t be worth watching if Arnold didn’t pull a few motorcycle stunts along the way. You can watch here.
  • Last but not least, we discussed what it takes to be a motorcycle stunt person, and how driving skills and camera angles add to the overall effect of the movie.

Driving Skills and Camera Angles Make Motorcycle Stunts

Have you ever wondered how movie stunts are done? Some of the most popular movies in history involve car chases, motorcycles jumping over bridges or transport trucks, and a slew of driving maneuvers that can’t possibly be achieved in real life.

The key to making these stunts seem real is by using clever camera angles and professional stunt men and women. Many actors do a portion of their own stunts, but leave the ‘heavy’ lifting to the professionals.

Being a stunt professional though is more than just being able to ride well; it also takes a thorough understanding of the movie business. Think about not just riding your Harley, but riding it with a 50 pound camera strapped to the back!  Those camera angles have to be perfect, and it could need more than one take before the shot is just right.

Motorcycle stunt drivers are also responsible for training the actor who of course will be taking all of the credit in the movie. Some directors want the actors to do some of their own stunts, which means they must be trained. Not being trained properly could have dire consequences for everyone involved in the stunt. When you’re dealing with high speeds and power machines like motorcycles, there can be no room for error.

Can a Motorcycle Win Against a Transport Truck?

In movies it can! The Terminator movies generated millions of dollars not just because of the story line, but because of the awesome stunts. One example is the scene where John Connor is on his motorbike, and is chased by a transport driven by ‘the bad guy.’ Along comes Arnold on his motorcycle, and what follows is some of the greatest motorcycle stunts in movie history — watch it in this video from YouTube.


Angelina Jolie a Master at Motorcycle Stunts

Angelina Jolie is known for her humanitarian efforts, and her amazing talent on the big screen. Some of her best on-screen moments have been on a motorcycle, jumping over bridges, in front of other cars and cyclists and generally pushing the limits of what a bike can do. And she does it all without a helmet or a hair out of place!  Just remember not to try these stunts at home -  you probably wouldn’t fare quite as well.


Motorcycle Rally Draws Thousands from Coast to Coast

The Golden Aspen Motorcycle Rally takes place May 16-19 2013 in Ruidoso, NM. The rally is in its 16th year and draws thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the U.S. There are plenty of prizes, including a brand new Harley Davidson, and some of the major sponsors of the event include Harley Davidson Barnett and the American Motorcyclist Association.


Watch Some of the Best Motorcycle Stunts Ever Made

While many motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy a leisurely Sunday ride, most people agree that some of the best action movies include motorcycle stunts that are aimed to thrill and excite the viewer.  This video is an excellent montage of some of the best and most thrilling motorcycle rides and stunts ever made.


Summary of Posts: May 12th 2013

During this cycle of Legendary USA, we talked about Mother’s Day and motorcycles, including what to get your motorcycle mom as a gift, and why being a mom doesn’t mean you have to give up your ride.

  • We talked about an article in the Herald Review, which discussed the fact that motorcycle riders are everyday people from all walks of life. We highlighted one such person, a mom and a nurse who loves to ride with her husband now that she’s an empty nester.
  • Next we talked about some unique gifts for mom on Mother’s Day, like a new motorcycle. Flowers and chocolate are great, but for motorcycle moms, they may appreciate a bike that is specifically geared to women.
  • We went on to highlight one mom’s plight of explaining to others why she loves to ride. It took some convincing for others to understand her love of the open road.
  • Then we discussed some other great gifts for your motorcycle mom, particularly if you’re on a budget. There were some great suggestions for gifts under $50 from Bella Online.
  • There has been a definite increase in the number of female motorcyclists, as May 3rd saw the first International women’s only bike ride, as part of the She Shore Riders.
  • Then we discussed the fact that becoming a mom doesn’t mean giving up your bike for good. We talked about women who become moms and enjoy both their kids and their bikes.

Events This Month & Last Month

As spring makes itself known around the northern hemisphere, motorcycle enthusiasts gear up their bikes for the coming season. It is around this time that many are planning rides, vacations, and trips to events all over the United States. For those who are seeking out events, there has been plenty of action to go around, and the fun events continue throughout the summer. Many motorcycle enthusiasts venture into Canada or Mexico, or even travel further to take part in once a year festivals and events across the globe. For those staying within the United States this year, here are some of the amazing events that have taken place and are set to take place in the upcoming months.

Boston’s 3rd Annual Wounded Vet Ride

Each year in Massachusetts, motorcycle enthusiasts gather together to raise money for wounded vets. This year, the event took place in Everett, on April 27th. The ride along began at Boston Harley Davidson, and stretched all the way down to the Suffolk Downs Race Track. It was well attended, and participants especially enjoyed the concert afterwards at 2:30PM. Food and beverages were sold onsite at the event as well.

Connecticut Miracle Ride 2013

The Connecticut Miracle Ride takes place each year at the end of April;  this year, the event occurred on April 28th. It is easily the biggest charity motorcycle ride that takes place within this area of the United States, with as many as 1,000 motorcyclists attending on most years. This year’s event was well attended, although exact numbers have yet to be released. Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and friends enjoyed this wonderful event for the Connecticut Children’s Center greatly. A barbecue lunch was served at the end of the event, allowing participants to unwind and socialize.

ABATE of Colorado Expo

The ABATE of Colorado Expo was another well-attended event that took place in Aurora on April 28th. The expo is a great learning opportunity for seasoned riders as well as newbies, and any motorcycle enthusiast of any age is welcome. The event featured a huge range of workshops, games, talks, demonstrations, and even a children’s play area. Motorcycle awareness activists also ran several safety classes, and the food was delicious throughout the Expo.

Myrtle Beach Bike Week – May 10, 2013 through May 19 2013

Get prepared for a full week of fun around Myrtle Beach with this great weeklong celebration. Motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world express their love for their bikes and their camaraderie with each other in this great biker festival. This festival takes the form of a week-long poker run, starting in Shallotte, NC, and ending in Georgetown, SC.  80 miles of beautiful coastline await the adventurous, and all you need to attend is yourself, your bike, and a solid love of motorcycles.

AspenCash Motorcycle Rally – May 16, 2013, through May 19, 2013

The AspenCash Motorcycle Rally takes place each year during the month of May, in the city of Ruidoso, NM. With over 33,000 feet of vendors attending this event, there is truly a little something for everyone. Several poker runs are completed each year, with prizes as high as $5,000. The rally also has a four day long trade show that visitors can attend, giving them a chance to see the most beautifully built bikes and gear available.

31st Annual Red River Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally – May 22, 2013, through May 27th, 2013

An estimated 20,000 bikers attend this fabulous, well known motorcycle rally in Red River, NM. Set just before Memorial Day, the whole town of Red River lights up with excitement during this rally.  Live music events are held at various locations all around the town, and vendors park themselves and offer everything from brand new motorcycles through jewelry and women’s clothing. One of the best known events to occur during this rally is the Monday morning Memorial Day ride out to Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Angel Fire; bikers ride out to pay their respects and this closes out the rally.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Memorial Day Blowout – May 24, 2013  -  Monday, May 27, 2013

All types of motorcycles and motorcyclists are welcome at this three day event in Gulfport, Mississippi.  From vendors through amazing food and plenty of drink, this event has literally everything. A free bike show is presented for both locals and visitors, and things get spicy during the weekend with a bikini and wet tshirt contest. National Motorcycle Magazine is present during the event, and camping is available both for tenters and those who are bringing their camper trailer or RV. Just about the only friends not welcome are dogs; those with dogs should be sure to make other arrangements for their furry companions.

Ohio Bike Week – May 31, 2013  -  June 9, 2013

As the name suggests, Ohio Bike Week takes place in Ohio; more specifically, the event is held along the edge of Lake Erie. Several rides are enjoyed by attendees each year, and the standard vendors selling everything from bike accessories and parts to clothing and souvenirs will be present. This is a particularly long event that takes place over the course of 10 days; the dates are perfectly aligned with the  AHDRA Ohio Bike Week Nationals to allow people to attend both if they so desire.

Mother’s Day – May 12, 2013

Of course, mother’s day is coming up soon, on May 19. In biker culture, a mother is to be respected and loved, and so this day is quite important to most bikers.  Several states around the country have events, and one of the largest events is Vermont’s Green Mountain Harley, Super Swap Meet and Mother’s Day Demo event. This event is perfect for moms who ride only occasionally, or moms who ride all the time. The event takes place from 9AM to 5PM during the day, and even mothers who don’t ride can take an escorted demo ride.

Motorcycle lovers with moms who happen to love motorcycles, too, can also simply take their moms out on a more personal ride, perhaps pairing this with a picnic in a quiet location or a dinner out to wrap up a wonderful day. Gifts for moms who happen to love motorcycles and the biker lifestyle are numerous; new gear or jewelry is nearly always a good, safe choice. Of course, if it is within your budget, a brand new motorcycle is certainly one of the best gifts you can buy for a motorcycle mama.

Armed Forces Day – May 18th, 2013

Armed Forces Day sees many motorcycle events around the country themed around supporting our troops; most states have some iteration of these events. Notably, the Myrtle Beach event falls around this time, and it often has at least one specific event aimed towards this purpose. Many bikers represent their patriotism and their love for the troops and military members of this great country by wearing an American flag on their backpack or motorcycle, and this can be a simple way to show your support if you aren’t able to go all out and attend a convention or rally.

Children at Spring Rallies

Most of the events listed above have at least some available events that allow children to be present, if not all. This can be a wonderful way to bring the family together by doing something they love; however, it is important to be sure that the environment you bring the rugrats to is safe and age appropriate. Demo rides are an excellent choice for this, as are events that offer lessons and workshops for young riders. For newly interested rugrats, consider making this year’s grading or birthday present a first dirt bike or small motorcycle; this will result in a gift they are sure to remember for a long time to come.

Children can also be an active part of getting motorcycles ready for events; many children love when their parents include them in their hobbies, and shining up the hog is no different. This can be a valuable way to spend quality time with your children, all while teaching them the importance of caring for our belongings so that we can enjoy them for a long time to come.

As you can see above, there is a virtual plethora of excitement for any biker or motorcycle enthusiast within the United States in the springtime. The onset of warm, beautiful weather brings bikers out in droves, each hoping for a little pre-emptive taste of the hot summer and long drives with just the road and a bike between them and nature. That freedom is often what draws bikers to the biker lifestyle in the first place, and no better seasons than spring and summer stand for that same ideal. Many bikers consider the lifestyle to be their way of escaping from everyday life;  it is an excellent way to get back to basics. When it comes to treating the motorcycle mama in your life or celebrating spring and Mother’s Day, there’s no better choice than a peaceful Mother’s Day bike trip or rally.

Biker Clothes, Patches, and Attitude: Biker Culture in America

The concept of true biker culture is hard to pin down in America today. Motorcycles are becoming more widely used by average, everyday people;  all from  an incredibly diverse cross-section of society. There was a time when biker culture was once considered to be something directly tied in with rebellion and anarchy. While that is still true occasionally, biker culture has opened up a great deal and diversified over the last decade. Today, we can see many influences of biker culture in our society; television shows like ‘Sons of Anarchy’ dramatize the lifestyle thought to be lived by bikers, and motorcycle gear is again gaining popularity in fashion.   But what makes someone a true biker can be just as difficult to pin down as those who live their entire lives on the open road.

Rebellion on the Road

Once, rebellion by those who were a part of biker culture was thought to be negative; this has certainly changed, and may be due to the fact that society better understands that not all rebellion is bad. Rebellion can come in many forms, including the desire to do what’s right, no matter what society thinks. In some cases, this has led to biker groups hosting charity events and helping out in their communities.  Bikers are really just like any other cross-section of society; there may be a few bad apples in the bunch, but most are good, honest, loyal people.

A Question of Loyalty

One of the primary features of biker culture in America today is loyalty, and this is showcased in many of the television shows that support the culture. Often, motorcycle groups form special bonds that last for a lifetime; they tend to see other motorcycle enthusiasts as their families. Just as is to be expected with any family, bikers will defend and protect their families from harm whenever necessary. This is really no different than any other family in America today, and often, it simply reflects the high level of family values found within biker culture.

Clothing in Biker Culture

Many people wear biker clothes with elements found in biker culture, which has always had a direct influence on popular culture as well. Biker clothes and accessories like sunglasses, bandanas, and jackets are all found frequently throughout popular culture. However, this influence hasn’t really always gone both ways. Simply due to the fact that motorcycling requires leather for protection when on the road has meant that much of the styles have remained the same over time, with trends and changes in the fashion being crafted of the same basic fabrics. To this day, denim or leather clothing and protective biker accessories are still the most widely preferred and well-represented items  in motorcycle culture, and this is because they tend to be better at protecting riders when on the road.

A Way To Connect

Biker clothing, patches, signs, and other cultural representations have usually served a second purpose as well; they serve as a way for those who enjoy the lifestyle to find one another and connect. Part of life on the open road is the understanding that people may come and go in life, and new friends can always be found when traveling. By wearing cultural representation in the form of clothing, bikers never feel too far from their families because they know more “family members” will be just past the next turn. It is this unspoken bond between riders that has been the source of fascination and attraction for many.

The lifestyle of a biker can be just as varied as the lifestyle of those who don’t partake and enjoy it. However, the basic biker values come in a standard list; they include a fierce loyalty to loved ones and friends, the desire to be a supportive part of a community, and the understanding that nothing in life is ever permanent. Rather than making these people outsiders, it has allowed bikers to carefully craft their own culture, complete with supportive friends and loved ones, fashion, and values that are often handed down to their children. The biker culture has much to teach about freedom through the open road, and is considered by many to be a true philosophy.