Bike Week Oklahoma

June 13-June 23 at the Sparks Campground in OK is Bike Week. This is definitely a 21+ event – come ready to party hard! They’ll have all the usual games – butt darts, pickle licking, panty slides – and adult costume contests, and prizes, prizes, prizes! Show off your ride – the $2000 bike show has no entry fee. And of course, bands, beer, and good time. So dig out that schoolgirl outfit from the back of the closet and get over to Oklahoma!

Harley Rendezvous 2013

Another NY event, this time up in Pattersonville. It’s the Harley Rendezvous Classic , which runs from June 21 to June 23, and judging by the pics from last year, this looks like being a great event. If you have an antique Harley, you can get free admission but you need to arrange that in advance – see the FAQ, it’s near the bottom of the page. Enter your custom bike in the show – just sign up on the day.

No animals allowed, no campfires. Tickets are $75, or for an extra $50 you can get in two days early on Weds 19th.

Redwood Run This Weekend!

If you’re on the West Coast this weekend, get yourself over to Riverview Ranch in Piercy CA and hit up the Redwood Run, presented by The Kiwanis of the Redwoods. You know what you’re going to get – music, games, food, beer, wet T-shirts, and all that good stuff. Bands include Tommy Castro and the Painkillers, Jackyl, House of Floyd, and Brian Howe.

They say it’s the “best old school biker rally in the West” and they reckon this year is going to be the biggest ever – send us your pictures so we can see if that claim stands up or if they’re just braggin’! Tickets are $120.

Americade Gets Huge!

If you’re into long-distance cruising, then check out this week’s Americade Expo. It’s the largest convention for motorcycle touring anywhere in the world, attracting up to 100,000 riders on every type of bike imaginable.  The week-long event takes place in the Lake George Village at the Fort William Henry Resort in NY, and features tours, boat cruises, rodeo, and much more. It’s definitely an event for the more relaxed among you – it’s not your typical biker rally.

If you can’t make this one on such short notice, then the 2013 Killington Classic in Vermont in late August is an alternative, run by the same people.

Upcoming events

The best thing about summer is slinging your gear on the back of your bike, and heading out to a rally with fellow bikers. Whether you’re going to an event you attend every year or visiting somewhere new, bike rallies are a time to enjoy a fantastic ride, kick back and relax, hang out with old friends, and meet new friends. And, of course, checking out other people’s rides!

We’ve rounded up just a few of the upcoming events, from New York to California and the Deep South. We’ve got something for everyone. If you want old-school biker action, we’ve found the wildest parties, with all your favorite games. These ones definitely aren’t family-friendly, so leave the rugrats behind and have a weekend of adults-only fun! (You know what we mean – and if you don’t, then prepare to have your mind blown!)

For those who want something a little more sedate, we’ve got a few of those too. You could probably take your kids and your mom without worrying too much about what they’re going to see.

Don’t forget to check out the rules for any event you’re going to before purchasing your tickets. They may have age restrictions. Some allow dogs, some don’t. You may or may not be allowed a campfire or to cook on an open flame. Some rallies don’t permit RVs or other large vehicles. Find out if you can buy tickets on the gate if you haven’t already got them – there’s nothing worse than riding hard to an event you’ve been looking forward to and then being turned away. And if you’re going out of state, check the local laws on helmets and other safety requirements.

Wherever you’re going this summer, send us the pics or post them on our Facebook page – we want to see what you’ve been doing!

Be Unique

Image courtesy of  Dave_S. used under Creative Commons.

Motorcycles aren’t just transport. They can be true works of art, as the bikes we’ve spotlighted this week have shown. We started with some great patriotic paint jobs from Crazy Horse, then we looked at 10 superb Sportsters and the winners of the 10th World Championship of Custom Bike Building. We went behind the scenes on Sons of Anarchy, and we ended up with twelve bizarre bikes that look like nothing else on earth.

We’ve barely even scratched the surface of what’s out there, and don’t worry, we’ll definitely be back with more soon.  We love seeing your bikes outside our shop, and we love getting pictures of your rides. Send us your pics from wherever you are this summer – at rallies, on the road, or even in your garage! We’ll include them in our next custom bikes week here on the LegendaryUSA blog.

Twelve Crazy Customs

Let’s finish the week with some truly awesome bikes. The world’s largest bike, world’s biggest single cylinder, the world’s very first bike, and then some real oddities, including a Gold Wing modified to look like an F15, a bike with its two wheels side by side, and a flying bike. That’s right, a flying motorcycle which will do 70mph in the air and 60mph on the road! And there’s a video!


10th World Championship of Custom Bike Building

Over in Europe, they’ve been showing off some incredible bikes at the Big Bike Show in Essen, Germany. For the first time, the World Championship of Custom Bike Building was held there, and the bikes were just amazing. Click through to see some of the most imaginative and unusual builds from the world’s top builders, including a stunning Moto Guzzi which took the Freestyle class. In a real challenge to American custom builders, the Harley class was won by a Taiwanese guy – are we going to let them win it again next year?