Motorcycle Apparel Is More Important Than You Think

The motorcycle apparel that you choose to wear each time you ride is much more important than you may think. You’re not just picking out some regular outfit for the day, but instead you’re choosing the type of clothes that could potentially save your life. If you happen to get in a motorcycle accident one day, the clothes you chose to wear just might be what saves you.

This is exactly the case for one man. Z07freak, as he’s called on his Youtube channel, tells us the story of how the motorcycle gear he chose to wear the day of his accident actually saved him. This telling video describes each piece of motorcycle apparel that he was wearing at the time of the crash, and how each saved his life. His boots saved his feet from being crushed, his motorcycle pants saved his hip from being broken, and his helmet saved his head from being smacked into the ground and killing him.

As unfortunate as the accident was for this man, his story brings us all a lesson we can learn from. Don’t throw on any old clothes and go for a ride on your bike. Maybe an accident will never happen, but you can’t control what other people do. There are too many motorcyclists being killed unexpectedly while on the road. The motorcycle apparel you wear may not save you, but it definitely gives you a fighting chance. Always wear the proper motorcycle gear, some of which is described in a video from the Examiner website, and remember that anything can happen. Wear the proper motorcycle gear when you’re on your bike, and as always, ride safe!