Motorcycle Apparel for All Seasons

No matter which season you are in, there are some motorcycle apparel items that you are going to need. Special gear is made for motorcyclists for a reason. It’s there to help protect you from the elements, such as wind, rain, snow, etc. It’s also there to keep you from getting serious injuries in case of an accident. You do not want to be caught in a crash without the proper motorcycle gear on. Different seasons may require some tweaks to your gear, but for the most part, you will be wearing the same things no matter what time of year it is.

Motorcycle Helmet

Wearing a motorcycle helmet used to be required by law in most states, but a lot more of them are changing their minds on this matter. Even if your state does not have a motorcycle helmet law, you really should still be wearing one anyways. It is the most important piece of motorcycle apparel there is. Whether you are on a bicycle, scooter, dirt bike, motorcycle, or any other two-wheel vehicle, a helmet should be worn. Two wheels are much more dangerous than four, and with no walls there to protect you in an accident, a helmet is the best chance you have of keeping yourself safe. Winter months may require a hat as well as the helmet to keep your head warm, but in every single season you should be wearing one.

Motorcycle Jacket

A motorcycle jacket is necessary if you want your arms protected in a crash. The main material you will find a motorcycle jacket made out of is leather. The majority of all motorcycle gear is actually leather. That is because it is thick, durable, and comfortable. Wearing a jacket while riding will save your arms from getting scraped up too badly when an accident happens. Since it is thick, it’s also good for keeping you warm. There are thinner jackets, however, that  you can get for when the weather is warmer, but either way, a motorcycle jacket should be worn at all times.

Motorcycle Pants

Motorcycle pants are helpful in protecting your legs. These specially made pants are thick and provide padding so that your legs will not be too badly damaged if you hit the road. Most people simply wear jeans when they ride, and they do not bother putting on special motorcycle pants every time they go out. These pants really could save your legs if something were to happen, and it’s recommended that you invest in a pair.

Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots are one part of your motorcycle apparel that you do not want to leave out. These thick leather boots with steel toes will protect your feet not only from an accident, but from the heat of the exhaust on your motorcycle as well. You do not want your foot getting burned when you go for a ride. Boots will keep your feet warm too in cold weather, and will be good for when you have to stop and touch your feet to the ground.

Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves are necessary to protect your hands. Your hands will be gripping your handlebars, so they would be good to wear at all times. Plus, it will be very easy for your hands to get cold, so motorcycle gloves will protect them from that as well. Wearing gloves will help keep your hands safe in an accident so that you can continue to use them for all of the everyday things you need them for, including being able to ride your motorcycle again. Motorcycle gloves are another piece of motorcycle apparel that you don’t want to ride without.

As long as you remember to wear all of these motorcycle apparel items, no matter what season it is, you will be as protected as possible in case anything were to happen. You will be safe, warm, and ready for whatever comes. Every time you leave the house, you should be fully dressed in your motorcycle gloves, boots, helmet, motorcycle pants, and motorcycle jacket. You won’t be sorry if you did, but you’ll be sorry if you didn’t.