Moms Don’t Have to Give up Their Motorcycles

Society has changed over the last few decades and women are no longer expected to raise children and take care of a household; however, when it comes to motorcycles, women are sometimes excluded from a group that has been male dominated up until the last few years.

Women riders are increasing in record numbers; they are not content to sit on the back of the Harley – they want to be in control.  What happens, though, when women become moms?

Some people still think that when you become a mom, you should park your bike and head out to the car dealership to get the best minivan that money can buy. Thanks to the media – in particular, the Herald Review – we know that motorcycle riders come from all walks of life, and most are just ordinary, everyday people. That includes moms.

That’s why we give kudos to the Herald Review for shedding some light on the fact that moms can ride too, whether they have young ones at home, or they are empty nesters.

Herald Review’s article also goes on to say that not all motorcycle riders are gang members, decked out in leather, or out to cause trouble. When these stereotypes disappear, we’ll all be better motorists who share the road and better riders who stay safe.