Memorial Day Is More Than A Sale

Throughout this week we’ve been paying tribute to veterans and to those serving today. We looked at organizations that bring vets together through their shared love of bikes, including the Combat Veterans MC, Military Bikers, and the Patriot Guard, who were set up to protect soldiers’ funerals from the protests of the Westboro Baptist Church. We also highlighted the Salute To American Veterans Rally taking place in Colorado in August. And, for those who love vintage bikes, we found some footage of recruits training as Army dispatch riders on Harley WLAs.

As an extra bonus, check out this amazing story from England about a biker who lost both legs in Afghanistan when his tank was blown up by an IED. On his return, 33 year old Murray Hambro got right back on a specially adapted Triumph and started riding again. Not just riding – but racing in the British Superbike Championship at speeds of up to 150mph with his True Heroes Racing team.

But now let’s look ahead to next week. On Monday May 27, Memorial Day, how will you mark the day? Will you see it as an excuse to stay off work, buy cut-price consumer goods, and watch TV? Or will you use the day to honor our military?

We call on you to spend some time on Memorial Day to thank those who bought our freedom. On Monday, visit the grave of a fallen soldier. They don’t have to be related to you, or even known to you. Every person who gave their lives gave them for you.

Better still, do something practical. Organize a yard sale or a charity ride, and donate the proceeds to a veteran’s charity. Clear out your garage and donate clothes and blankets to those in need, the homeless, the crippled or the unemployed, those who have been abandoned by those who will never know what it is to serve.  Go and visit an elderly vet who needs your help – perhaps a neighbor or a relative. Spend time with them, and show them that you value what they did, and that they are not forgotten.

Be a true American. Help an American hero.

Thank you.