Let’s Ride!

So where are you going this summer? Are you just going to your nearest rally, or are you heading out across the country to somewhere new? We’ve got plenty for you to choose from.

For the touring rider, there’s Americade Expo in NY this week, and Killington Classic in Vermont in August. For the Harley lover, we picked the Harley Rendezvous Classic, also in NY from June 21-23. And for those who want something wild and crazy, check out this weekend’s Redwood Run in CA, Bike Week Oklahoma from June 13-23, or the Bama Bike Fest Summer Rally from June 27-30.

And don’t forget this month is Father’s Day on June 16 – how better to celebrate than by taking your old man to a rally and buying him a few beers? That’s got to be better than a Hallmark card and a gift token for a steakhouse, right?

Bike rallies are, for many of us, the essence of being a biker. It’s about making friends, maybe people you only see once a year. It’s about solidarity, and knowing that you’re part of something big, a fellowship that celebrates freedom and individuality. And it’s about having fun and partying in the way that only we know how. Once you’ve been to a motorcycle rally, you’re changed forever.

We know there are hundreds more great biker events all over the States, from huge gatherings to smaller local rallies. If you’re going to an event, or organizing one, let us know and we’ll mention it in our next post on upcoming events. And of course, you can post about  your events on our Facebook page!

Don’t forget, stay safe, especially when you’re heading home after a hard weekend of partying. Too many bikers are killed and injured on their way to or from rallies. Don’t let that be you.