How to Customize Your Biker Jacket

No one likes to be seen wearing the same exact clothes as someone else. You want to feel like you have your own personal style and taste. Bikers feel the same way. You don’t want to be caught wearing the same biker jacket and motorcycle gear as another biker in the bar. Instead, you want a unique style that’s all your own. By customizing your jacket, you will have a brand new style that no one else in the world has; no other kind will ever match it.

The first thing you can do to customize your jacket is simply add some patches to it. Add a large patch to the back. Get your name patch stitched onto your pocket. Whatever kind of patch you want, you can have it added to give your jacket for some personal touches. Other people might have patches on theirs, but they won’t be exactly the same as the ones you choose.

You can also add spikes to your biker jacket to make it personalized and unique. A lot of people wear gear with spikes and studs, but if you place them all yourself they won’t be in the same places as other people’s are. Adding spikes is pretty simple. HedgeTV on YouTube has a tutorial video explaining how. All you need to do is cut holes where you want the spikes to go, then put screw backs in the holes and attach the spike ends. You can put them anywhere on the jacket you want, including the sleeves, shoulders, etc.

If you want to completely get a new look, you can paint your jacket. If you want to paint the entire thing to change the color, that is one way to go. Otherwise, you can simply paint some designs on it. Paint a large design on the back. Paint a small design on the pockets or on the sleeves. Take an old, outdated jacket, and turn it into something completely new. It’s suggested that you use acrylic paint on your jacket. They even make special paint that is specifically for use on leather. Ruth Balfe, on her Mooky Chick blog, describes how to customize and paint leather jackets.

Adding paint, patches, and spikes will enhance the look of your jacket. Not only that, but it will give it a unique style that no one else has. Add your favorite colors; put some spikes and studs in random places; add a patch here and there. You will have one unique jacket that no one has seen before, and it will be all of your own creation.