Horsehide vs. Cowhide Motorcycle Jackets

There are numerous types of hides that can be used to make motorcycle jackets out of. However, the two most commonly heard of kinds are cowhide and horsehide. Cowhide is the traditional choice in today’s day and age. Horsehide was once a popular choice for leather, but it is no longer so, at least in America.

In the 30s and 40s, horsehide was the main material used for motorcycle jackets, gun holsters, and anything else made out of leather. By the 50s, things began to change. Horses were once used for farming and other purposes, but that started to happen less and less. Some even harvested horses for their meat. Once consuming meat from a horse was made illegal, it made it harder to come by horsehide  in the United States. Other countries still can do it however, meaning horsehides can easily be imported from there.

Many people like horsehide jackets for the fact that they seem to be a much tougher and more durable leather. These jackets can be purchased from several retailers, but they are priced much higher  since they are not as easy to come by. The main advantage of a horsehide over a cowhide is that it has waterproof qualities.  The main disadvantage that people see with horsehide is that it takes a lot longer than most leather jackets to form to your shape and break in.

Due to the fact that horsehide is harder to come by now, most riders will simply buy a common cowhide jacket and not think twice about it. They are cheaper with easy access to them. For a more unique look, fit, and style, a more expensive horsehide jacket may be the way to go. Anne Gill, an eHow contributor, discusses jackets made out of horsehide, and just what is so special about them.