Guardian Bell Biker Accessories

Many people are not aware of the story of the guardian bell. They might have one, or have given one as a gift, but they do not know the legend behind these tiny biker accessories that are placed low on a motorcycle. Once you know the tale, you will want to be sure that you and all of your friends have one.

A guardian bell is so named because it is said that the bell will guard you on your journeys. Anything that goes wrong in your travels, such as motorcycle accidents and any mechanical failures, are said to be the work of evil spirits on the road. If you have a guardian bell, it will keep you safe while you are out riding. Whenever you purchase a bell, it normally comes with a piece of paper describing the legend. Darla shares this in her video. The bell is to be placed at the lowest point it can go to keep away evil spirits on the road. These spirits apparently latch onto the bike and bring about bad luck to any rider of the bike they are attached to.

When a loved one purchases the bell for you, the legend says it is supposed to be much more powerful. This is the best gift that anyone can give to a motorcycle rider. It truly shows that you care about them and want them to be safe in their travels. If you know a biker who does not yet have a guardian bell in their collection of biker accessories, this would be the gift to give. It works much better coming from someone than it does if you simply buy one for yourself.

To attach the bell to your bike, simply grab a strap or string and loop it through the bell’s loop. Then place it somewhere low on the motorcycle. Ashley Kurz suggest placing it on your peg. All you need to do is tie the strap or string around the peg and cut off the excess of it. Then you have your guardian bell in place, ready to protect you on all of your travels. Even if you do not believe in the legend yourself, it is still a nice gift to give to show someone you are thinking of them.