Finding the Right Fit in Your Biker Accessories

There are many biker accessories that make up your gear when riding. Anything from gloves to a helmet should be worn to keep yourself the best protected. Before you go out on your motorcycle though, you need to be sure that all of the accessories and other pieces of apparel you are wearing fit correctly. Something too loose and something too tight could both cause a problem and leave you unsafe, which is very dangerous when a two-wheeled vehicle, such as a motorcycle, is involved. Be sure that you are finding the right fit in all of your biker clothing and accessories.

Gloves come in handy when riding. They not only keep your hands safe from the wind and rain, and keep them warm as well, they also keep them from getting sore when gripping the handlebars. Gloves that fit loosely will start to bother you when you are riding, and could become a distraction. Gloves that fit tightly may keep you from using something on the bike when you need to. Either way, it could cause an unnecessary accident that could have been avoided if only you were wearing the proper size.

Before choosing your glove size, it is important that you measure your hands appropriately. Mike Johnson from the eHow website describes just how to do that using a flexible tape measure. Place the tape measure below your index finger, and stretch it across your hand to below your pinky. This is the measurement that you will need to go by for your glove size. Your measurement will be between about two and five inches. Two inches is an extra small, whereas five inches is an extra-extra large. If the measurement is between two choices, simply try on both sizes of gloves to determine which fits the most comfortably.

A helmet also needs to be purchased according to the right fit. Try on different helmets, until you find one that fits well. It should not be loose on your head, and should not be tight either. If there is too much space for your head to move around in, then it is not tight enough. If there is not enough space to where your head feels held in tightly, then it is not loose enough. It needs to be somewhere in the middle. As long as your head fits well and you are comfortable with it, then it should be a good fit. A video tutorial from Basem Wasef describes just how you should go about trying a helmet on.

Whether it is gloves, a helmet, or any other biker accessories, you need to be sure that your gear fits properly to keep yourself safe on your ride. If you never really measured appropriately, or have not done so in a long time, then it is time to go through, take your measurements, and get some gear that actually fits as it should. The right fit in your biker clothing and accessories just might save your life.