Driving Skills and Camera Angles Make Motorcycle Stunts

Have you ever wondered how movie stunts are done? Some of the most popular movies in history involve car chases, motorcycles jumping over bridges or transport trucks, and a slew of driving maneuvers that can’t possibly be achieved in real life.

The key to making these stunts seem real is by using clever camera angles and professional stunt men and women. Many actors do a portion of their own stunts, but leave the ‘heavy’ lifting to the professionals.

Being a stunt professional though is more than just being able to ride well; it also takes a thorough understanding of the movie business. Think about not just riding your Harley, but riding it with a 50 pound camera strapped to the back!  Those camera angles have to be perfect, and it could need more than one take before the shot is just right.

Motorcycle stunt drivers are also responsible for training the actor who of course will be taking all of the credit in the movie. Some directors want the actors to do some of their own stunts, which means they must be trained. Not being trained properly could have dire consequences for everyone involved in the stunt. When you’re dealing with high speeds and power machines like motorcycles, there can be no room for error.