The Purpose of Biker Apparel

Many people believe that bikers simply wear all their leather, chains,  and other biker apparel to try and look intimidating to others. This, however, is not the true purpose behind them wearing these things. The sole reason for bikers to wear this type of gear is the fact that it is durable, tough, and will [...] Read more »

Summary of Posts: April 14th 2013

All bikers have biker gear that they need to wear. Instead of everyone going out in the same generic apparel, each individual rider can spruce up their outfit to their unique taste and style. We discussed some different ways how: It’s easy to spruce up a leather jacket using paint. Just be sure to use [...] Read more »

How to Customize Your Biker Jacket

No one likes to be seen wearing the same exact clothes as someone else. You want to feel like you have your own personal style and taste. Bikers feel the same way. You don’t want to be caught wearing the same biker jacket and motorcycle gear as another biker in the bar. Instead, you want [...] Read more »

How Bikers Choose Their Motorcycle Apparel

Many people think that bikers just like to put on leather and chains to make themselves look tough. However, this really isn’t the case at all. Bikers use chains to hold their wallets so they don’t lose them. They choose to wear leather because it is durable and will help to protect them if they [...] Read more »

How to Add Spikes to Your Biker Jacket

If you want to add spikes to your biker jacket, all you need to do is buy a package of screwable spikes. Take either a special leather cutter, or even just a pocket knife, and cut your holes into the spots you want the spikes, such as around the sleeves. Don’t make the holes too [...] Read more »

Turn Your Biker Jacket Punk Rock

A plain biker jacket is never any fun. You want your jacket to be cool and unique, to reflect your personality. If you love that punk rock style, you can turn your jacket into something that fits that genre. Paint the logo of your favorite punk rock band on the back or get a patch [...] Read more »

Rain Wear Biker Apparel

Riding your motorcycle is not only meant for the summertime when the sun is shining. Real bikers will ride no matter what the weather conditions outside may be. Come rain or shine, a true biker will be out on the road on their hog. As long as they are wearing their rain wear biker apparel, [...] Read more »