Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories

Motorcycle accessories are a great way to enhance the look of your motorcycle and even the performance. There are certain must-have accessories that all bikers should be sure to include. Tires are one major thing that you should think about for your motorcycle. Different tires work better on different terrain types. Suspension is also important [...] Read more »

Tire Motorcycle Accessories

The type of riding you typically do will determine which type of tires you are most likely going to need. There are many motorcycle tire accessories that you can use to increase the power of your tires, as well as the look. Different bikes will need different tires such as off-road, street, or track. You [...] Read more »

Ryan Gosling’s Biker Jacket Auctioned Off

In one of Gosling’s latest movies, “The Place Beyond the Pines,” he was constantly seen wearing a red biker jacket. Once production on the movie was finished, the jacket was auctioned off for charity. It sold for $4,100. The children’s charity of Southern California called Variety was given the proceeds. Jeremy Rosen, a film producer, [...] Read more »

A Brief History Of Bikers and Biking

Their image has become an icon of the American highway. They are both loved and hated. They are characters of both movies and literature. They are associated with rock music, late night parties, and beautiful women. But who are they, really? Where do the bikers of the USA come from? What is their point of [...] Read more »

Summary of Posts: April 21st 2013

Whether you are looking for ways to shrink your leather jacket, clean your motorcycle pants, or just find the right things to wear on your ride, we have tips for it all: Anyone can easily shrink their leather apparel using water and a hair dryer. For tips on how, see the Thrifty Fun website for [...] Read more »

Ladies Motorcycle Clothing: The Boots

Ladies motorcycle clothing is basically the same thing as men’s, except they tend to come in smaller sizes with more decals and interesting colors. Boots are no exception. Women’s boots tend to be longer than men’s, going further up the leg. It looks more stylish, but it also protects a larger area. Women can get [...] Read more »

Cleaning Your Motorcycle Pants

Before you clean your motorcycle pants, be sure to remove the protective pads that are inside. Get some Dawn Power Dissolver spray and spray it on your pants. Then let them soak in some water in the tub for 30 minutes. Use a bristle brush and scrub the pants, and then rinse them off completely. [...] Read more »

Maintaining Leather Motorcycle Accessories

There are several things on your bike that are made of leather. These motorcycle accessories need to be properly taken care of and maintained if you want your bike looking nice and new. To keep the leather in good condition, you need to be sure it is cleaned properly. Use leather cleaner only. Once it [...] Read more »

Tips on Biker Clothes for the Passenger

Those who ride the motorcycle need pretty much the same biker clothes as the passenger does. However, there may be some differences. Since the passenger is riding behind the driver, they don’t need to worry as much about shielding their eyes. They will also be more protected from the wind and debris since the driver [...] Read more »