Memorial Day Is More Than A Sale

Throughout this week we’ve been paying tribute to veterans and to those serving today. We looked at organizations that bring vets together through their shared love of bikes, including the Combat Veterans MC, Military Bikers, and the Patriot Guard, who were set up to protect soldiers’ funerals from the protests of the Westboro Baptist Church. [...] Read more »

Training Army Dispatch Riders

When motorcycles were still a novelty, back in the 1930s and 1940s, many young men got their first taste of biking in the Army, as a military dispatch rider. This short clip from Harley-Davidson shows riders on WLAs learning to cope with rough terrain – and not always staying on. A great piece of history [...] Read more »

The Spirit of Freedom

Image courtesy of  GlacierTim used under Creative Commons. “Freedom is the life-blood of America. For many, the motorcycle is the embodiment of Freedom, giving the rider the ability to go where they want, when they want with few restrictions. Like an Eagle flying Free, the feeling is without compromise. Freedom is a precious gift to [...] Read more »

Combat Veterans MC

The Combat Veterans M is another non-profit organization dedicated to the care of vets throughout the country. Their mission is to help veteran care facilities provide former military personnel with the basics of life – food, shelter, warmth and clothing. They have chapters throughout the country, and participate in charity events all year round to [...] Read more »

Military Bikers

Military Bikers is an organization that brings together motorcycle enthusiasts who are serving or have served in the military. It’s not a motorcycle club – it’s a free online forum for riders to chat, swap ideas, and assist each other.  It includes bikers of all persuasions – Harley owners, street bike lovers, and race enthusiasts.  [...] Read more »

The Patriot Guard

Nothing is more offensive to someone who’s served their country than to see a soldier’s funeral picketed by protestors like the Westboro Baptist Church. It’s an insult to those who gave their lives, to their families, to their unit, and to our country. One group of bikers, The Patriot Guard, have taken a stand against [...] Read more »

The Veterans Rally

The 21st annual Salute To American Veterans Rally takes place in Cripple Creek, Colorado, from 16-18 August. Thousands of bikers will show up for this event. It’s not a typical bike rally – it’s all about honoring those who served, especially the POW-MIAs. There’s a POW-MIA remembrance ride, a Vietnam memorial wall, and VIP speakers [...] Read more »

Bikers And Veterans

In the twelve years we’ve been in business, we’ve been proud to serve tens of thousands of people who’ve served our country fearlessly throughout the world. Our customers have served everywhere from Korea and Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of them returned injured, or made the ultimate sacrifice. Bikers are some of the most [...] Read more »