Be Unique

Image courtesy of  Dave_S. used under Creative Commons. Motorcycles aren’t just transport. They can be true works of art, as the bikes we’ve spotlighted this week have shown. We started with some great patriotic paint jobs from Crazy Horse, then we looked at 10 superb Sportsters and the winners of the 10th World Championship of [...] Read more »

Twelve Crazy Customs

Let’s finish the week with some truly awesome bikes. The world’s largest bike, world’s biggest single cylinder, the world’s very first bike, and then some real oddities, including a Gold Wing modified to look like an F15, a bike with its two wheels side by side, and a flying bike. That’s right, a flying motorcycle [...] Read more »

Behind the Anarchy

If you’re a SoA fan, then you’ll know the bikes are the stars of the show as much as the actors. Check out this short video over at Live Free, Ride Harley showcasing the custom bikes used in the series. Source: Read more »

Amazing Sportsters

The brief: start with a stock 2000-2003 Sportster and design something special. Check out the ten winners of this awesome contest from DP Customs. Which is your favorite? There’s something magnificently brutal about the matt black 6th place winner by Robo, don’t you think? Source: Read more »

Patriotic Paint Jobs

Image courtesy of  futuresite used under Creative Commons. It’s Memorial Day, so take a look at these amazing paint jobs that pay tribute to our military and our country. Superb work from Crazy Horse Painting in Waxhaw, NC. Source: Read more »

Custom Bikes

Image courtesy of   Leslie Carty / Opal Auto Detailing used under Creative Commons. Anyone can go to a dealer, buy a bike, and ride it. But if you really love your bike, that’s never enough. You need to make that bike unique, and make it unlike anything else on the road. You can easily slap [...] Read more »