Bikers Ride to Benefit Children

With so many families in need, it is truly amazing that events which benefit children are being held around the nation. Even bikers participate with their own events, often referred to as Motorcycle Rides, for a certain charity or cause.

One such event was held recently in the town of Clarksburg. It was the ‘Bikes for Military Tikes Toy Run’, a cause benefiting local children who are in military families. Participating bikers started off at VA Park, with the toys tied to the backs of their motorcycles; they then took a ride through some nearby towns to draw attention to the cause. Once the bikers made their way back to Clarksburg, they headed over to VFW Post 573 to drop off the toys and get some refreshments. Jim Satterfield, owner of Twisted Spoke Custom Cycles, started the event three years ago; he wanted to give presents at Christmas time to those children who had parents overseas and wouldn’t be getting anything. Katie Anderson of discusses the motorcycle ride and explains that nearly $1,200 worth of toys were already donated by the VFW members before the motorcycle ride was even held.

Yet another event was held this month at Southern Regional High School. The 13th annual Motorcycle Toy Run let bikers take a 2 hour ride through nearby towns before heading over to the St. Mary’s Parish Center to donate their toys; there they were served a hot lunch and drinks. 460 motorcycles filled the streets during this ride, with over 1,000 toys donated. Victoria Lassone, in an article for, says that when it comes closer to Christmas time the Toy Run Foundation will set up their distribution center inside of St. Mary’s to make the toys available.

Much of society thinks that bikers are big, intimidating people, but they have hearts just like anyone else, and this proves it. Numerous Motorcycle Rides are held year round for so many great causes, including the above mentioned events that benefit children.