Biker Lifestyle Patches: Living the Biker Lifestyle

Riding a motorcycle is one of the greatest joys you can have. Feeling the wind in your face, and hair if you don’t have a helmet on, is a feeling that you can’t describe to someone who doesn’t ride. However, putting on some biker lifestyle patches and a helmet does not mean you are living the biker lifestyle. Steve Johnson put it quite well in his article “What is the Biker Lifestyle?

He says that it is nearly impossible for anyone to live the true biker lifestyle and I have to agree with him. Everyone has homes, families, jobs, and dare I say it, even other hobbies that stop them from selling everything and living on the open road. I have to say that even as much as I love to ride, I don’t think waking up in a different place every morning would appeal to me. I like waking up in my own bed and knowing I will sleep there the next night.

So while I enjoy riding a bike I guess the putting the biker lifestyle patches on my jacket and taking to the open road isn’t for me. How about you? Is the open road the way to go for you? We would love to hear your thoughts.