Biker Clothes – How To Wear Them And How To Look Amazing In Them

Motorcycle apparel has been out there for a long time. Sometimes more popular, other times less popular, and no matter of the year’s fashion dictates, they have always been a stylish way of making a statement. Nowadays’ trends have showed us how versatile leather jackets can be and how much acclaim they always get both on the runaways and in everyday life. Why are they so popular? How can you use biker clothes to underline what’s best about your looks? How can you make the most out of just a couple of biker accessories?

Motorcycle Clothing – A Good Fit For Everyone’s Style

Regardless of what you’ve heard before and regardless of your usual fashion style, biker apparel can be easily and successfully incorporated into your wardrobe. When it comes to biker/leather clothing items, creativity is the key. Here are some examples of how to wear a leather jacket “like a pro”:

  • Are you the more romantic type? Worry not! A leather jacket can be worn more than greatly with your usual flowery dresses. In fact, if you choose the right jacket, you will add a bit of contrast to your outfit and look incredibly good wearing it. Go for straight, more classic-like cuts and try to avoid black. Light brown, red and burgundy might suit you better (but then again, this is a matter of which colors look good on you in general).
  • Retro and vintage styles get along with leather. That is a fact. A pair of high-waist jeans, a sequined top, a pair of old-school boots or sports shoes and a biker jacket will make your 80’s look complete.
  • Elegant style does not say “No” to the biker apparel either. Little black dresses, and even button-down shirts can look amazingly trendy with a leather jacket.

A Motorcycle Jacket For Each Body Type

Like with every other clothing item out there (regardless of the style it belongs to), the secret to looking fabulous is choosing the right cut. That being said, here are a couple of tips on how to choose a jacket made out of leather according to your body shape:

  • Hourglass-shaped women are generally blessed and they can wear almost anything and any type of cut. Still, the fitted jacket is more suitable since it will accentuate the small waist and the beautiful curves.
  • A narrower frame, more rectangular-like will be best complemented by army-inspired and double-breasted clothing items. They will add more volume to a smaller body and they will make your body look harmonious and well-built.
  • Flared coats look great on apple-shaped women. Also, adding something to accentuate the waistline (a belt, for example) will make you look more hourglass-like.
  • Pear-shaped bodies are best flattered by tulle-cropped coats and jackets. Basically, what you need to do is add a little more volume on the upper body and optically narrow the lower part of it.

Another way of getting a biker or military-inspired look is by accessorizing a basic outfit so that it gets that “bad girl” tint to it. Eyeglasses, boots, patches, “dog tags”, and makeup will make even the least interesting outfit look stylish and polished. For example, a pair of jeans and a white shirt will be instantly styled up with a pair of military boots, a patch and a pair of aviator sunglasses. See? It’s not that hard. You just have to let your imagination flow and the biker-inspired style will come to you!