Be Unique

Image courtesy of  Dave_S. used under Creative Commons.

Motorcycles aren’t just transport. They can be true works of art, as the bikes we’ve spotlighted this week have shown. We started with some great patriotic paint jobs from Crazy Horse, then we looked at 10 superb Sportsters and the winners of the 10th World Championship of Custom Bike Building. We went behind the scenes on Sons of Anarchy, and we ended up with twelve bizarre bikes that look like nothing else on earth.

We’ve barely even scratched the surface of what’s out there, and don’t worry, we’ll definitely be back with more soon.  We love seeing your bikes outside our shop, and we love getting pictures of your rides. Send us your pics from wherever you are this summer – at rallies, on the road, or even in your garage! We’ll include them in our next custom bikes week here on the LegendaryUSA blog.