Biker Clothes for All Ages

Any man, woman, or child will be able to find the perfect biker clothes for them. Biker clothing, and accessories as well, come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether a woman is trying to find some pink apparel or a father is picking out something for his son, there is a wide selection available [...] Read more »

Summary of Posts: March 31st 2013

Motorcyclists need their gear to keep them safe while riding. They also need to take proper care of that gear so that it works as well as it should. We have discussed valuable information regarding jackets, helmets, and other motorcycle accessories that is good for all bikers to know in this cycle: There are many [...] Read more »

Horsehide vs. Cowhide Motorcycle Jackets

There are numerous types of hides that can be used to make motorcycle jackets out of. However, the two most commonly heard of kinds are cowhide and horsehide. Cowhide is the traditional choice in today’s day and age. Horsehide was once a popular choice for leather, but it is no longer so, at least in [...] Read more »

StickNFind Your Lost Motorcycle Accessories

A new gadget called StickNFind has been created to help anyone looking to find lost items. Many people misplace miscellaneous motorcycle accessories, so placing this small button-sized tracking device on them could be a big help. With the app on your cell phone, you will be able to track up to 20 of these buttons. [...] Read more »

Horsehide Motorcycle Jackets

Back before the 50s, horsehide was the main material for motorcycle jackets, since horses were in abundance and used for many purposes. Many agree that horsehide is much more durable than the traditional cowhide that is used for leather jackets today, but it does take longer to break in. It also requires much more time [...] Read more »

The Many Types of Biker Jackets

There are numerous kinds of biker jackets out there.You have plenty of options to choose from when they wish to purchase a new jacket. The majority of made of leather, but there are some that are created from different materials, such as polyester and nylon. It all depends on what you are using the jacket [...] Read more »

Taking Their Bikes Abroad

That throaty, unmistakable roar chops through the morning air. Sleek yet powerful, its unmistakable profile inspires a certain amount of aversion from those unfamiliar, but respect from all. Stretching its legs, it eats up the ground in front of it with a ravenous hunger. Freedom. Speed. Attitude. Although one of many, Harley-Davidson stands apart in [...] Read more »

Summary of Posts: March 24th 2013

With so many different types of biker clothing and accessories out there, it is important to know how each piece works, how they should fit, and how they should all be cleaned and maintained. Some of these things have been discussed: Knowing how to measure your hand comes in handy when it comes to finding [...] Read more »