Biker Clothes to Make You Visible

Staying visible on a motorcycle is important for your safety. There are specific biker clothes you can wear that will help you get noticed by other drivers. For example, you can wear bright colored gear, such as a jacket with neon green or bright blue. There are even some clothing items that have reflective technology. [...] Read more »

Typical Motorcycle Accessories

The most typical motorcycle accessories, according to Motorcycle Lifetips, are boots, leather clothing, a helmet, and saddle bags. Boots are important for keeping the biker’s feet protected. Leather clothing will keep the body safe from weather and debris. A helmet is one of the most important things to have, since it protects your head in [...] Read more »

Add Biker Lifestyle Patches to Your Jacket

Biker lifestyle patches are a great way to add some personality to your motorcycle jacket. You can easily attach these patches yourself. There are two different methods that you can try. First there’s the sewing method, which requires tailor’s chalk, an upholstery needle, thread, and a seam ripper. Then there’s the gluing method, which requires [...] Read more »

Summary of Posts: February 24th 2013

Motorcycle apparel is much more than just stuff a biker throws on when they go out for a ride. It has a purpose, and it is an important aspect to the biker lifestyle. This time around we learned many ways that motorcycle gear is used for and why it’s necessary: Justin Kell has done some [...] Read more »

Biker Apparel Fit for a Wedding

A biker guy meets a biker chick, and they soon fall in love. Now a few months later they’re engaged and planning the wedding of their dreams, that both of them will enjoy. They ride in on a motorcycle together. The groom is in his leather jacket. It’s a biker wedding that they will remember [...] Read more »

Motorcycle Jackets Need Care

You will most likely have a couple of favorite motorcycle jackets that you wear often, probably a lighter one for warmer months and a heavier one for colder months. These jackets often get covered with dust and debris, and get worn down and aged over time. It is important to keep up proper care of [...] Read more »

A Lesson in Motorcycle Apparel

There is much more to motorcycle apparel than one may think. You don’t just throw on any random motorcycle gear and call it good. You have to choose the appropriate pieces at the right times. NathanAndBike has shared with us an informational video on YouTube providing a lesson on gear. He explains which items are [...] Read more »