Motorcycle Vests for Safety

There are many programs out there that promote safety on motorcycles and recently, a UK road safety organization won an international award for their work in this area. Safety is a major concern for these organizations, and wearing the proper gear when riding is one way to ensure riders are being as safe as they [...] Read more »

Motorcycle Jackets and Other Trendy Clothes of 2013

Designers are showing their new looks in Paris this winter, and on top of the list are motorcycle jackets and weatherproof clothing. With climate patterns changing, clothes need to be made to fit the current weather, not just the current style. Designers everywhere have definitely been taking this into consideration. For some of the men’s [...] Read more »

Summary of Posts: January 27th 2013

For this cycle of LegendaryUSA we discussed everything from helmets to the biker lifestyle. Pull up your bike and join us. Do helmets save lives? That is the question up for debate. Should motorcycle helmets be mandatory? Tell us what you think. Playing it safe on a motorcycle and wearing the right biker apparel is [...] Read more »

Biker Armband on the Biker Jacket Rejected

In Paris, a law was to have been passed for January 2013, requiring all motorcycle riders to wear a fluorescent armband on every biker jacket at all times. The law was rejected after a protest said if people can’t see a biker with a mandatory daytime headlight how are they going to see an armband. [...] Read more »

Playing it Safe with the Right Biker Apparel

Motorcycles can be a lot of fun and in today’s economy they are also cheaper on gas. But with riding a motorcycle comes responsibility, too.  When motorcycles first became popular with the military there were 1500 deaths per year in the 50’s and 60’s. That is a number that has decreased, thank goodness, due to [...] Read more »