‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 5

The FX series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ recently started its fifth season; the show has been getting terrific ratings, with a 2.4 share being one of the highest, earning 4.6 million viewers that episode.  If the show had started on a regular channel, such as NBC, it probably wouldn’t have lasted past the first season. However, [...] Read more »

Summary of Posts: December 30th 2012

Motorcycles are the vehicle of choice for many. Some use them to save on gas, and others just love to ride with the open air all around them. Motorcycles are often a big topic for discussion, and this week wasn’t any different: U.S. motorcycle thefts have declined, even as California gained, according to Susanna Pak. [...] Read more »

Biketoberfest Is Here!

It’s finally here! The 20th Annual Biketoberfest Festival is being held this weekend at Daytona Beach in Florida, from October 18 to October 21. This unique festival brings together bikers from all over the United States, all riding into town on their motorcycles. They come for the bike shows and stay for the food, music, [...] Read more »

Biketoberfest Calendar of Events

Every year in October, Daytona, Florida holds the Biketoberfest Festival. This festival brings together motorcycle riders from all over, allowing them to partake in fun, food, and of course, motorcycle rides. The festival runs from October 18 to October 21. Many events will be taking place all over shops and places around Daytona Beach. Many [...] Read more »

Protect Your Motorcycles from Theft

On average, it is estimated that there is at least one motorcycle stolen every 11 minutes each year. In order to keep your motorcycle safe, think about using a cover so that people won’t be able to tell what type or quality your bike is. You can also lock your wheels so that no one [...] Read more »

Ron Perlman in Sons of Anarchy

Actor Ron Perlman plays leader of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Clay Morrow. Being in this role, Perlman gets called up by motorcycle clubs asking him to come meet with them, almost like he’s actually Clay and not just acting as him. Perlman, though, is grateful for the doors the show has opened up [...] Read more »

Motorcycle Thefts

Overall, motorcycle thefts were down last year by 6%. However, warmer states like California actually saw an increase. With more people going out riding in those warmer states, there’s more of a chance for their motorcycles to get stolen. It also happened that California had only about half the normal rainfall last year. That meant [...] Read more »

Summary of Posts: December 23rd 2012

Whether you’re looking for some new gear or different motorcycle clothing, there are plenty of different options out there nowadays. Check out this list all about motorcycle gear: Biker apparel will be featured at the EMP Museum, with more than 60 leather jackets being exhibited in what is known as “Worn to be Wild.” Moira [...] Read more »

Women: Feminize Your Biker Apparel!

There are plenty of female bikers out there, myself included, and I’m sure we’re all wondering the same thing; how can we make our biker apparel more feminine? There’s plenty of biker clothing and accessories that can make our outfits stylish and sexy, so let’s start accessorizing! First off, a handbag is pretty much a [...] Read more »